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How do I sign-up for Sify Talk Internet Telephony service ?
What is Sify Talk Dialer ?
What is Activation code & password ?
What is PIN number ?
How do I install the SifyTalk Dialer ?
How do I login to use the service ?
How do I Recharge my Account ?
  How do I sign-up for Sify Way2Talk Internet Telephony service ?
  To sign-up for the Sify Way2Talk Internet Telephony service, you need to purchase a Pre-paid card (available in denominations of Rs 199 or 499). This card would contain an Activation code & password (available underneath the scratch foil at the back of the card).

Please visit, click on the Register now link and enter the Activation code and password to create a UserId for yourself. If you are an existing user of Sifygold ISP service, Sify I Way ,Sify broadband or Sify Mail, you choose to retain the same username for the SifyTalk service.

On completion of the process, the system would generate a PIN number which you can thereon use along with the UserID chosen by you to login & call using the Sify Talk dialer
  What is Sify Talk Dialer ?
  Sify Talk Dialer is the application you would need to use in order to make PC 2 Phone calls using the Sify Talk service. The Dialer provides you with an on-screen Dial pad using which you can Dial Phone numbers you would like to call.

To Download the Sify Way2Talk Dialer, Click here.
  What is Activation code & password ?
  Activation code & password is normally printed underneath the scratch foil at the back of the Sify Talk pre-paid card that you would have bought. (In case you have purchased online on, the the Activation code & password would have been E-mailed to you.

The Activation code is a 16 character code while the Activation password has 8 characters.

You would need to enter the Activation code & password to Register / Recharge your SifyTalk account. Once used, the Activation code & password cannot be reused, hence you would need a new Activation code / password, everytime you want to Recharge your SifyTalk account.
  What is a pin number ?
  The PIN number which the system generates for you on registration is to be used by you to login (in conjunction with your Way2Talk username) to the Sify Talk dialer in order to make PC 2 Phone calls. You can consider this to be a special password which you can use only for the Way2Talk service. You can, at any point in time change your PIN number by visiting
  How do I login to use the service?
  • First launch the Sify Talk dialer by clicking on the Desktop icon (or by choosing SifyTalk Dialer from the Start Menu).
  • You would then see the SifyTalk Login screen dialog asking you for your UserId & PIN number.
  • Enter your UserID & PIN number & click on the Login button to proceed.
  • On successful authentication, the SifyTalk Dialer with the on-screen dial pad would be visible.
In case you are having any trouble logging in, you can click on the Get Help link on the Login screen.

Before logging in, please ensure that you are connected to the Internet.

In case you have forgotten your PIN number, you can go to & click on the Forgot PIN link to reset your PIN number.
  How do I Recharge my Account ?

When your current amount balance in your SifyTalk account is getting exhausted or your account has got expired, you would recharge / top-up your account to continue using the SifyTalk service for making PC 2 Phone calls. To do this, you can purchase another Sify Talk pre-paid card (available online at OR at any of our Authorised Retail outlets). The SifyTalk pre-paid card would have a fresh Activation code / password at the back of the card (under the scratch foil)

Visit, click on the MyAccount link on the top, login to your MyAccount admin module & then click on the Recharge my account link.

You will be prompted to enter your new Activation code / password (available at the back of the pre-paid card underneath the scratch foil OR if you have purchased your pre-paid card online, your new Activation code / password would have been E-mailed to you).

On successful authorisation of the Activation code / password, your Amount balance would be topped-up (current amount balance (if within expiry date) plus the product value of the Recharge card) & your expiry date reset (to current date plus validity period of the Recharge card)

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